Sunday, January 29, 2012

Janelia – Love Song in Yoruba – Official – HD

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Janelia is making this offering available starting on Valentine’s Day as a tribute to all the love birds and love bird wanna-be(s) out there. Her new single, “Love Song in Yoruba” is a love story that expresses the magic that can be found when someone decides to bestow their love upon another. In this story and new video, it happens between prince charming and Janelia.

Watch the Love song in Yoruba video below

There Isn’t A Single Star In Nollywood – Yemi Solade

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Recent Interview with Yoruba Movies Actor - Yemi Solade reveals

Without doubt one of the outspoken, talented and cross-over actors in Nigerian film industry, passionately called Nollywood, is Yemi Solade. Having earned his name and reputation in the profession, he can be called an icon in the Nigerian film industry. Always a reporter’s delight, Yemi holds nothing back in this exclusive interview with AJIBADE ALABI. He spoke about his colleagues whom he said always believe they are superstars. He also touched on the controversial issue of the election of his association (Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts Practitioners-ANTP), Yemi did not also spare producers as well those he described as an opportunist who exploit the desperate artistes among them.

At what point did you see yourself becoming a celebrity?

If I claim to know that, then I will be telling you a cheap lie. I still don’t like the way people ascribe their popularity to the advent of home videos of some 20 years ago. I am just a dramatist who has been hardworking, and has been able to register himself on the scene and in the history of the industry, and not a celebrity or a star as they say. I never had a dream of being in the lime-light, I just went to learn a trade I loved, just like every other people do on the kind of profession they choose, and destiny played its part along the line. Though I appreciate the fact that people see me as a star but I know that I am not one, because I know the definition of a celebrity.

The Return Of Jenifa - Yoruba Movies by Funke Akindele

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Funke Akindele has been on the scene for a while, but it was “Jenifa” that undoubtedly brought her to notoriety. “Jenifa” the hilarious yoruba film about a girl from the village that aspired to make it in the big city, is back with a third installment- ”Return of Jenifa”, which reportedly will be out soon. The movie was directed by D.J. Tee and features Veejay Denrele, Omawunmi, Banky W. and Eldee.